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To do:

Buy something local so I can give small gifts (found some very cute postcards at Porter Square Books)
Buy yen
Print out details about the Big Heart award* (I'm transporting the actual award plaque because the presenter is already in Japan)
Print out airline e-ticket information so that the TSA people have something to scribble on
Figure out how to get to my hotel in Narita
Figure out how to get from Narita to my hotel in Yokohama
Figure out how to get my digital camera out of movie mode
Post my itinerary here for safe-keeping
Find a hotel in Tokyo for the last day of my trip** (everything else is set.)
Get a color print cartridge (to enable printing)
Print out maps of the areas around various hotels
Find a bathroom scale so I can weigh my bag ***

Edited to add: itinerary has now been posted, and I booked a hotel room for the last day.

The Big Heart Award is given to someone who's being recognized as being generally helpful and nice. It's a fannish thing.

I'm not worried about this--there are lots of hotels in Tokyo, and even a reasonable number of inexpensive ones. I've got a query in to one hotel, and I expect to hear back from them by tomorrow; if that one's full, I have another prospect that allows internet booking, and if that falls through, I'll just call around when I get there.

The group tour I'm on ends up in Osaka, and we're being flown from there to Narita when the tour ends. The problem is that, while ANA's international flights allow you to check two 23kg bags, their domestic flights only allow one 20kg bag. I have a duffel bag that will fold up to fit inside my one big bag, but I want to know about how much things weigh before I leave so I'll know how close to the limit I am before I start buying things; if necessary, I can pack the smaller bag with what I need for the last couple of days and just send the big bag to the airport to wait for me. There are many package-delivery services in Japan, and it's quite common for suitcases to travel separately from their owners.


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