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I'm in the internet cafe in the Shinagawa Prince hotel now. I get a computer for as long as I want, apparently, for buying one drink. It was 500 yen for the drink, which is a lot even for here, though, so I'm going to stick around for a while tonight.

So, from the beginning:

(This computer won't let me switch to using an English keyboard, so I'm going to just touch-type and try to remember to replace all the weird punctuation after I finish writing. Just a warning, in case the punctuation looks strange--it's things like hitting the apostrophe key and getting a colon.)

The flight was uneventful, but long )

It's really hot in Japan )

There was a Worldcon )

In which my hotel is really stupid )

Tokyo at last )

Ok, that's it for tonight.
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This is going to be a quick update, because I don't have much time left on this computer.

I got here on Tuesday afternoon, and went to my hotel in Narita (small city near the airport, about an hour's train ride from Tokyo). There were supposed to be sights, but none were very nearby, and I didn't have the energy to walk far in the extreme heat and humidity anyway, so I had dinner at the hotel and went to bed. In the morning, I had breakfast at the hotel (I find that I like Japanese breakfasts), and walked some noticeable distance (uphill) to the train station.

I bought a ticket for Yokohama, and with a little help from various friendly people, got here, and found my hotel with very little difficulty. It's a nice hotel, and the A/C in my room works very well, which is a comfort. It takes me about a half-hour to walk to the convention center, so I don't go back and forth much.

I've had one really nice meal (in Chinatown), and a few ok ones--a lot of the restaurants near the convention center are overpriced tourist traps and it's difficult to find the good ones.

The Ghibli Museum was nice, except that all the signs were in Japanese, which I couldn't read very well, and I apparently managed to completely miss one of the gift shops. Oh well.

I'll try to post more later. Bye for now!


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