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We had a quiet night at home last night, because I didn't want to deal with the snow and the cold. So I made mustard chicken with a potato chip crust, mashed potatoes, and zucchini with garlic, and it all came out very well. We had a nice bottle of champagne for toasting, and we watched Across the Universe, which was great.

I've been reading reviews of the movie, and it seems like everyone either loved it or hated it. The reviewers who hated it all seemed to dislike the new arrangements of the songs. I thought that most of the new arrangements were excellent and gave the songs new meanings, that the principal actors were also very good singers, and that the action around the songs was mostly perfect. My favorite was probably "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" recast as a song of unfulfilled yearning, second to "I've Just Seen a Face", which went with joyous dancing in a bowling alley.

My accomplishment for today: potato latkes. Which are delicious, but every time I have to use my food processor to grate things, I think about buying a new food processor. My twenty-year-old Sunbeam model still works perfectly well, but the feed tube is a very narrow oval shape that nothing will fit into without major trimming.


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