Mar. 5th, 2010

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We made no-knead bread for the first time yesterday. It was just as easy as all of the articles said, and just as delicious. Shatteringly crisp crust, chewy middle--I may never buy bread again.

Notes for next time: buy some non-terrycloth kitchen towels for the final rise--I ended up using paper towels and a lot of flour, so some of the flour ended up on the outside of the crust, and the loaf wasn't as pretty as it could have been. Also there was flour everywhere.

For other people who want to try: the necessary ingredients are flour, instant yeast, a kitchen towel as above, and a dutch oven or other 5-qt container with a lid that can survive in a 450 degree oven. Also, you need to be available 12 hours, 3 hours, and 1 hour before you want the bread, though I've also seen articles suggesting that you can speed up the final rise if you want to do this on a work night.

You can see the method that I used at Steamy Kitchen (with bonus pictures of a cute 4-year-old doing the initial assembly), and one that I haven't yet tried with shorter proofing times (but no cute kids) at the kitchn.


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