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More cooking this weekend: I made chili black bean sauce tofu with carrots, turnips, mustard greens, and zucchini last night, somewhat adapted from this. It was awesome. I'd never used black bean sauce with chili before, and it was delicious and spicy, and the vegetables all worked very well. I was especially impressed with the turnips, and will have to look for more recipes that use them.

This morning I made aebleskiver, because Richard's mother bought me an aebleskiver pan as a present. They were delicious--fluffy and light and cardamom-y. They're a bit annoying to make, because the pan only makes 7 at a time and that's approximately one serving. We split the first pan's worth, and then each had one batch, which used up the half-recipe that I made. The book suggested that you keep batches warm in the oven while making more, but that seems awkward. It wasn't bad for two people, but I'd hate to try to make them for a crowd.

I started reading The Lightning Thief after seeing a trailer for the movie recently. It's ok so far, though the scenes where Percy is putting up with his awful stepfather were ruined for me by my wondering why on earth his mother ever stayed with someone like that. Perhaps all will be explained later.

I just finished a manga series called Hana Kimi, about a girl who disguises herself as a boy to attend an all-male high school so that she can meet an athlete she hero-worships. It was cute and sweet, and the ending seemed kind of abrupt, though perhaps not to the people who spent 8 years getting there, as opposed to my 5 or 6 months.


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