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Food successes from the weekend: haddock filets coated with herbes de provence and fresh breadcrumbs, excellent spicy fried chicken, and very good buttermilk biscuits. (There were vegetables, too, but steamed spinach, zucchini, and broccoli aren't all that exciting.)

The rhubarb pie failure mode this time was because I didn't put enough water in the dough, though I used the maximum amount in the recipe--4 tablespoons. So it kind of fell apart. It's still reasonably tasty, though.

I'm most of the way through The Gone-Away World, as recommended by firstfrost. It's just as good as she says. Today, while I was reading, I got to a point where something very strange happened. Just as I was thinking, "hey, maybe it's because x...", the narrator thought the same thing, and dismissed it. I love it when the characters actually think of wild hypotheses! It's so great!

I went to the Funimation website to try to watch some episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and discovered that there's a second Gunslinger Girl series! woohoo! So I watched an episode, and it was great. Details later, if anyone's interested.
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Tonight (well, technically early tomorrow morning, at 12:30), Adult Swim will start showing Bleach. I'm not good at describing shows without spoiling the first episode, but I'll try: Bleach is a supernatural adventure/horror show that's funny, smart, and has good character development. At least, that's what the manga is like; I don't know much about the anime, having only seen the first two episodes. When I first looked at the manga, I thought it was too much of a boy's action story for me; now I reread issues and wait impatiently for new ones.

The userpic for this entry is one of my favorite characters, Orihime Inoue. She's cute, sweet, a complete flake, and much smarter than you'd think. She's also very weird. There's a bit in the manga where she proudly shows off a class assignment: draw yourself as you'll be in the future. Her friends drew themselves as politicians, or sports heroes, but she drew herself as a giant killer robot.

I'll also be recording Trinity Blood, another new show, but all I know about that is that the ads show a lot of vampires. Since I usually like vampire stories, I'll be giving it a try.
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Haven't done this for a while. Let's see...

Series that I've seen all of: Scrapped Princess, Angelic Layer, Marmalade Boy )

Series that I'm in the middle of and really like: Princess Tutu, Last Exile, His and Her Circumstances )
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Specifically, did anyone get Inuyasha and/or Fullmetal Alchemist? I went to bed early and forgot to set up my tape, and it looks like those episodes aren't going to repeat this week. I will love you forever if you can get them to me.
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These are a few series that I've just started watching. Marmalade Boy, Angelic Layer, Rurouni Kenshin )


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