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I had a nice drive home from work in a nice warm car. I appreciate this, because last Friday I noticed that there wasn't any warm air (well, any air at all) coming out of the vents, and the first appointment I could get at my dealership was yesterday. Driving there through the snow with no defogging on my windshield was an adventure I'd rather not repeat. They replaced a blown transistor, and all is now well.

Also, apparently it's quite lucky that I have gas at home. I got a notification a couple of weeks ago welcoming me, under an entirely different name, to my gas company. I was going to call to ask what was up, but I forgot. Today, I got a bill under that name. I just called, and apparently when someone calls the gas company to establish service, they assume that the person is reporting their address correctly, and that they're a new occupant of the house, and that the old occupant is going away. Their suggestion was that this other person had transposed some digits in their address. If I had read the details of my last bill, I would have noticed the bit where it said "this is your final bill" and freaked out then, but I get my bills in e-mail, and I didn't bother looking at the details, just paid it and went on my way. They've reset the system to be in my name, but I do wonder about this other person and where they actually live.
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