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In no particular order:

As a followup to my original travel problems, the flight to New York ended up being delayed by about an hour. Which was slightly nerve-wracking, because that left about a half hour between that flight's arrival and the next flight's takeoff. However, the two flights ended up being at adjoining gates, so All Was Well. (Except for the bathroom situation at JFK, which was dire--the women's bathroom that was meant to serve some vast number of people had only 4 stalls.)

And then the return flight, which was scheduled to take off at 11:30 pm, was delayed for an hour, allegedly because of weather in the Northeast. And another flight was cancelled, so my flight was completely full. I do appreciate JetBlue's reasonably separated seat rows (a whole 34 inches! imagine!), however, and the online booking and the checkin kiosks all work well.

The Colorado Convention Center in Denver is enormous. Vast unused spaces were often useful, but having to keep crossing them was always tiring.

The 16th Street Mall in Denver is lovely--it's a mile-long pedestrian street mall with free shuttle buses that run approximately every 2 minutes. Or you can just walk down the street if you're not too lazy.

There was a Starbucks about every 2 blocks. Even people from Seattle were boggled by that.

There's a great sculpture outside the CCC of a big blue bear.
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