Aug. 4th, 2008

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I got up at 5am to get ready for my 8am flight to Denver. Around 5:45 Richard noticed that the phone's message light was blinking, and when he played the message, it was a cancellation notice for the flight!

I brought up gmail and found another copy of the notice there (at some point after the panic was over I reread it and discovered that it was because of "crew legalities", which is at least a better reason than them suddenly deciding not to serve Boston), and went to the JetBlue website to rebook. That was surprisingly easy, so I now have a 5pm flight. I have to change in New York, but there'a about 90 minutes to do that, which will hopefully be ok. The alternative would have been an earlier flight out of Boston that connects with the same flight out of New York, and 4 hour layovers are fairly annoying.

Richard then called the cab company to tell them we didn't need the 6:15 pickup we'd scheduled, and would be leaving later today.

I am hopeful that this is the only thing that will go wrong this trip. At some point I'm going to call my hotel in Denver and explain that I'll be arriving very late, but I think I should wait until it's morning there. It looks like the various shuttle services from the airport run until midnight, so that should be ok.

I'm a little sad at the loss of some of my time in Denver, but it can't be helped. And I suppose things could have been worse--if we hadn't noticed the message, by the time we got to the airport there might not have been any flights out available today.


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